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About Joost

Joost Hage has a mission: in an effervescent way he involves people in the golf sport, allowing them to retain their dignity and amusing them with his tricks! He brings depth into your game through his philosophy.

Joost Hage is one of the Netherlands best known golf professionals. His extensive knowledge and enthusiastic manner of teaching has encouraged many people to improve their performance and has lead to more constancy in their game.

Joost is also a welcome guest as speaker or host during presentations. His open character, friendliness and sometimes his waterfall of enthusiasm, has endeared him to many. Joost is a programme filling entertainer with as “main ingredient” the golf sport.

In his daily life Joost is PGA Professional and Director of golf and has a long history of service. He was a Dutch junior champion and won, in 1982, the National Open for Amateurs and Profs and has won various titles. In addition to the official diploma’s he has enormous experience in the field of golf technique, mental coaching and golf management; he has attended various post-schooling- and other courses at diverse institutes in the USA.

** Joost is also available for your golftournaments, clinics, presentations Golf in relation Business, golfparties, charity events and corporate outings!**

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Joost Hage - PGA Profssional
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-Joost Hage
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