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The Joost Hage Golfshow is an unforgettable event!


The spectacular Joost Hage Golf Show surpasses everything and even inspires the non-golfer!

The show is a combination of “almost” impossible shots, mental training, hilarity and instruction. The specially composed music and unexpected musical effects give the show an extra dimension. He has presented the show nationally and internationally on many occasions (Europe, Asia and the U.S.A.). The show can be presented in the German, English and, naturally, the Dutch language. There is plenty of choice in locations.

Joost is often invited as an unique attraction at the end of a Business Day, a special event or a Golf Day. What could be better than after a day’s combined achievement there is a relaxing, exciting and sporting finish, which also succeeds in putting everybody into the very best of spirits? A sporting event is “par excellence” the perfect way to motivate teamwork within a group. That’s the way to get to know each other better.

The golf show is innovative. It is a journey of discovery into the world of golf.

Joost is capable of doing things that nobody can imagine…. Not to mention being able to imitate him!!! He hits golf balls with a garden hose, a hammer, a baseball bat, a driving wheel and so on, and so on! He hits balls to the right and to the left of trees. He can hit balls from the most incredible positions like from ludicrously high tees. Sitting on a standard chair and hitting drives.

The public is specially invited to take part in the “warming up”; then Joost invites a member of the public to come forward and proceeds to hit, from a distance, a ball into his breast pocket. Then another gentleman is invited to step forward and experiences a few terrifying moments as Joost hits a ball hard and fast right between his legs!! We won’t give all the secrets away but nobody ever forgets the Joost Hage Golf Show and now the show has been renewed with even more unbelievable elements for the new season.

The Joost Hage Golfshow is fun and exciting!

Technical details:

* the show takes apporiximately 1 hour,
* spectacular golfshots
* special trick shots
* beautiful music
* using microphone (headset) and two speakers
* using more than 600 balls
for costs:

call: 0031 6 20660660 or fill in the contactformular

And when you are laughing out loud at his tricks, you'll be learning the fundamentals of the golfswing

Click here for the spectacular Golftrickshow Fotoalbum




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-Joost Hage
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